Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello, blogging community!

My name is Shannon, and if you stumbled upon by blog by accident - welcome, welcome! 

I decided to start a new blog - as to what type I myself am not yet sure - but I tried giving makeup gurudom a shot, but it was a bit of a disaster. In my mind, anyway. I was never really as articulate in person as I was on paper(if you call this babbling articulate), and I found that it takes quite a bit of energy to put so much enthusiasm into showing people your recent purchases from Target(aka Tar-jay), Sephora, and the like. I love doing that too, but I find also my weariness is so transparent on camera - my eyelids droop a little more, I lose my train of thought more quickly - it just all translates into mediocre videos.

Moreover, I could only film when my roommate was away for the weekend, which - though she does often - it's not an ideal work schedule. And this way, I can more discreetly blog in the school library, where I normally live, silently and without looking like a lunatic gesturing wildly at my laptop.  It is what it is, I'm pretty self conscious about performing in general, and what are YT makeup gurus but excellent speakers and ambassadors of their craft?

Anyhow. Already this feels more right(yes, continuance of the absolute is necessary here) than talking to my laptop. Missglamourazzi, juicystar07, emilynoel83, colorfulagenda, I apologize for not giving you the credit you the deserve. Shit's hard.

Hopefully you will stick around! What are you to expect from this blog? To be a vague SOB, many, many things! Makeup is my primary topic for now, but subsequent ones will/could also include: college related advice, books(I freaking LOVE books, especially novels),  food related topics(think of the midway point between epic meal time and whatever college students cook up for sustenance).

Thank you very much for reading my first post, you awesome person you! More shannonigans are on the way!

Check out my sister's channel! She's family, so by blood she is also awesome.
For a laugh, check out my channel. Not too good of a laugh, though, guys. Cmon.